Magnawave for Horses

Magnawave for horses

This non-invasive treatment uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to stimulate your horse’s healing, relieve pain, and boost overall wellness.

Whether it’s aiding recovery, treating injuries, or easing muscle soreness, MagnaWave has got you covered.

Let’s find out how it could be the perfect solution for your equine friend’s health needs.

What is MagnaWave?

It’s a form of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy, a technique that massages your horse at the cellular level. Every organ in your horse’s body produces its own bio-electromagnetic field. MagnaWave enhances these fields, stimulating cell metabolism, increasing oxygenation, and reducing inflammation. This not only lessens pain but also promotes healing.

This unique therapy is delivered through a coil placed directly on your horse, administered by fully certified MagnaWave practitioners. As they apply this non-invasive treatment, you’ll notice twitching muscles, which identify problem areas, allowing for targeted treatment. This twitching is a clear sign that the PEMF is stimulating acupuncture points in your horse’s body, oxygenating the blood, and relieving inflammation, the root cause of pain.

MagnaWave isn’t just a temporary relief, it’s a long-term solution, especially effective for chronic conditions such as hock soreness and non-union fractures. It also aids in the healing of non-healing wounds, improves mobility, and treats arthritic conditions.

MagnaWave therapy isn’t exclusive to horses. Your other pets can benefit from regular sessions for a myriad of conditions, including arthritis, injuries, wounds, circulatory problems, and more.

MagnaWave For Horses

So, why specifically should you consider MagnaWave for your horse?

If you’re in the equestrian world, you know the importance of maintaining your horse’s health and performance. MagnaWave, a form of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, is widely used in nearly every competitive equestrian discipline for performance enhancement, health maintenance, and recovery.

The benefits of MagnaWave are extensive. It can alleviate a wide range of equine ailments, from tendon and ligament injuries to chronic hock soreness and non-union fractures. Even common issues like sore backs, stiff stifles, and sore shoulders can be alleviated with MagnaWave therapy. It’s also proven effective for more serious conditions like laminitis, founder, stone bruises, and non-healing wounds.

MagnaWave works by promoting cellular exercise, thus encouraging the body to recover naturally. It’s a safe, drug-free alternative to traditional treatments, providing a non-invasive solution to keep your horse in optimal health.

As an owner or trainer, you’ll likely see and feel an improvement in the way your horse moves after several MagnaWave sessions. It’s not just a temporary fix, but a therapy that promotes long-term health and well-being for your equine partner.

The use of MagnaWave is a smart, preventative measure that can save you and your horse from future pain and complications. Give MagnaWave a try and experience the difference it can make in your horse’s performance and overall health.

After all, a healthy horse is a happy horse, and that’s what we all want for our equine companions.

How Does PEMF Work on Horses?

Understanding how PEMF works on horses helps you appreciate the extensive benefits of MagnaWave therapy. High-powered PEMF devices generate accelerated results, easily adjusting for optimal penetration. This therapy sends a pulsating charge through the horse’s tissues, providing energy to large focal areas such as joints and major muscle groups.

The penetration of the charge can reach up to 16 to 18 inches into the equine body, targeting problem areas effectively. Interestingly, twitching muscles serve as a guide, allowing practitioners to identify imbalances, pain, or sore muscles needing further treatment. This means the practitioner can work at the source of pain rather than simply managing its symptoms, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive treatment.

Another significant aspect of MagnaWave therapy is the Zoom Hoof box. This tool is particularly useful for addressing hoof issues, enhancing the overall wellbeing of your horse’s feet. Like the rest of the MagnaWave therapy, it’s safe to use, requiring no sedation for your horse, which minimizes stress and discomfort.

Using MagnaWave for Race Horses

While you’re learning about how PEMF works on horses, it’s essential to note that MagnaWave is particularly beneficial for race horses. This innovative technology aids in the post-workout routine, helping with recovery and reducing soreness associated with muscle strain and lactic acid build up. Not only does it help a horse to train at its best, but it also assists them to compete to their fullest potential, and recover from injuries or intense training sessions as quickly as possible.

Several Kentucky Derby winners have experienced the benefits of MagnaWave, making it a popular choice at race tracks and arenas. But its use isn’t limited to just racing – it’s also a hit with trail riding and off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTB). With regular use, MagnaWave can relax the horse, reduce aches and pains, and improve general wellness, helping your horse to stay active and healthy.

What sets MagnaWave apart is its safety and ease of use. It doesn’t require sedation, making it a hassle-free addition to any training or recovery regime. Rosie Napravnik, a two-time Kentucky Oaks winner, has used MagnaWave in her career, demonstrating its effectiveness in both rider and horse performance.

Benefits of MagnaWave

You’re likely wondering about the benefits of MagnaWave for your equine companions. Well, they’re vast and significant, ranging from bone mending and improved sleep quality to stimulating cell metabolism and pain reduction.

It’s not just about physical benefits, MagnaWave therapy can also provide a boost to your horse’s overall energy levels.

Bone Mending

If your horse is dealing with bone or soft tissue injuries, MagnaWave can be a game-changer, accelerating the repair process and enhancing the quality of calcium produced, all in a fraction of the usual time. This technology operates on a cellular level, boosting the body’s natural healing abilities in a non-invasive way.

Here are the key benefits of using MagnaWave for bone mending in horses:

  • Speeds up bone repair by inducing faster calcium production.
  • Accelerates soft tissue healing, reducing recovery time.
  • Enhances the body’s natural healing capabilities.
  • Provides a non-invasive method of treatment, causing minimal discomfort to your horse.

Incorporating MagnaWave treatment can lead to faster recovery, getting your horse back to its best condition in no time.

Better Sleep Quality

One significant benefit you’ll notice with the use of MagnaWave in your horse’s routine is a marked improvement in sleep quality. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) technology encourages your horse’s muscles to relax, leading to a deeper, more natural sleep. This is crucial for their overall health and performance.

Proper rest is essential for muscle recovery, healing from injuries, and maintaining a balanced mood. A well-rested horse is also likely to perform better in competitive disciplines. MagnaWave not only targets problem areas for pain relief and recovery but also contributes to better sleep quality.

Improved Energy

When your horse experiences improved circulation and reduced inflammation through MagnaWave therapy, you’ll notice a significant increase in their energy levels. This boost in vitality is a direct result of the holistic wellness promoted by MagnaWave. The therapy doesn’t just alleviate symptoms, it targets the root causes of fatigue and discomfort.

MagnaWave therapy enhances blood flow, ensuring nutrients reach all parts of your horse’s body.

By reducing inflammation, it helps your horse move freely and easily, without pain hindering their energy levels.

The therapy improves sleep quality, and we all know a good rest leads to a more energetic day.

Lastly, by promoting overall wellness, MagnaWave ensures your horse is in its best health, which naturally results in increased energy.

With MagnaWave, you’re not just treating your horse; you’re enhancing their life.

Stimulating Cell Metabolism

In addition to boosting your horse’s energy, MagnaWave therapy also stimulates cell metabolism, providing a multitude of benefits for your equine friend. This therapy invigorates the cells in your horse’s body, enhancing their function and promoting faster recovery. It’s like giving your horse a cellular tune-up!

The pulsed electromagnetic fields penetrate deep into the horse’s body, reaching every cell, tissue, organ, and bone. This cellular stimulation results in improved health and wellbeing, without any side effects. The increased cell metabolism aids in quicker healing of injuries and faster recovery from strenuous activities.

Moreover, it enhances your horse’s overall performance, whether in competitive disciplines or just everyday activities. So, consider MagnaWave therapy as a beneficial addition to your horse’s healthcare routine.

Pain Reduction

You’ll notice a significant reduction in your horse’s pain levels with regular MagnaWave therapy sessions. This innovative treatment works by suppressing inflammation at the cellular level, leading to a decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion. The benefits can be so immediate that in some cases, relief begins in just minutes.

Here are some key benefits of using MagnaWave for pain reduction:

  • It’s a non-invasive treatment that directly targets inflamed areas.
  • It enhances the horse’s mobility by reducing pain and stiffness.
  • Regular sessions can drastically improve your horse’s overall quality of life.
  • It’s a safe, drug-free alternative to traditional pain medications.

MagnaWave therapy is a game-changer in equine pain management. Don’t let your horse suffer in silence, choose MagnaWave for effective pain reduction.

Injury Recovery and Wound Repair

After investing time in MagnaWave therapy for pain reduction, let’s now delve into how it aids in injury recovery and wound repair for your horse.

This therapy enhances the oxygenation of blood flow throughout the body, promoting overall health and wellness. This improved circulation hastens the healing process, reducing recovery time by about a third compared to traditional methods.

Whether it’s a tendon injury, a ligament tear, or a stubborn wound that won’t heal, MagnaWave can help. By targeting the affected area with pulsed electromagnetic fields, the therapy stimulates cellular repair, promoting faster healing.


In conclusion, MagnaWave therapy could be a game-changer for your equine friend’s health. It’s a non-invasive, painless way to boost their natural healing process and improve overall wellness.

Whether it’s for race horses or your personal companion, this therapy offers numerous benefits. Remember, your horse’s well-being is paramount.

So, consider exploring MagnaWave. It may just be the answer to ensuring their optimal health and performance.