Hugo PEMF Reviews

hugo pemf reviews

You’ve heard the buzz about Hugo PEMF, but you want facts, not fluff. In this article, you’ll dive into genuine reviews and gain insight into this therapy device’s effectiveness.

Remember, each person’s experience is different; what works for others may not work for you. Keep an open mind as you explore these testimonials, they’re your guide to understanding the real value of HUGO PEMF.


You’ll find that HUGO PEMF stands out in the realm of PEMF devices with its unique features and benefits designed to optimize your body’s natural healing system. This high-intensity device uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) energy to recharge your cells with electrons, enhancing the transport of nutrients and waste across the cell membrane. What does this mean for you? Essentially, HUGO PEMF kickstarts your cellular metabolism, helps detoxify cells, and enables more nutrients to enter.

You’ll appreciate the dual full body mats that deliver high-intensity electromagnetic field pulses, a feature that sets HUGO PEMF apart from other devices. This isn’t a standard electrotherapy device that uses frequency-specific micro-currents. Instead, it’s a tool that significantly reduces pain while promoting healing and regeneration.

The benefits don’t stop there. HUGO PEMF also enhances circulation and oxygenation while counteracting harmful electromagnetic radiation. Imagine achieving immediate and long-lasting pain relief, improved healing and regeneration, increased circulation and oxygenation, and radiation protection all at once in just 3-12 minutes.

So, how does HUGO PEMF compare to other devices? Its unique features, like the dual full body mats, make it an unparalleled tool in the world of PEMF therapy. This isn’t just a device that provides temporary relief. It’s a device that works with your body’s natural systems to promote healing and overall wellness.

It’s time to see what HUGO PEMF can do for you.

How Does Hugo Works?

So, how does HUGO work, you might ask?

The HUGO PEMF machine utilizes a unique technology called Nano-Second Spark Gap, a high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology. Unlike the low-intensity PEMF solutions that use oscillating magnetic fields, known as ‘hummers’, HUGO generates a true pulsed electromagnetic field. This difference in technology leads to a different energy work, making HUGO more effective in its therapeutic use.

HUGO’s high-intensity PEMF therapy works by delivering energy pulses that penetrate deeply into your body, reaching the cellular level. The energy from these pulses recharges your cells, enhancing the transport of nutrients and waste across the cell membrane. This stimulation encourages your body to repair damaged tissue, enhancing healing and regeneration. It’s a non-contact therapy—no electrodes or pads make direct contact with your skin.

One unique feature that sets HUGO apart from other PEMF machines is its dual full-body mats. These mats deliver high-intensity electromagnetic field pulses both above and below your body simultaneously. This allows for an equal distribution of the electromagnetic field throughout your body, making the therapy more effective.

In essence, HUGO works by optimizing your body’s natural healing system, providing immediate and long-lasting pain relief. It enhances your circulation and oxygenation, counteracting harmful electromagnetic radiation. With HUGO, the healing process isn’t just felt, it’s experienced as you can feel the pulsations during the therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of The Hugo™ Dual Mats?

With the use of HUGO’s dual mats, you’re not just benefiting from high-intensity PEMF therapy, but also reaping the advantages of a unique and more effective treatment approach.

Imagine lying sandwiched between these two mats, you’re exposed to a full-strength magnetic field on both the front and back of your body simultaneously. This isn’t just an amplification of the magnetic field – it’s a game changer.

So, how does this work? Magnetic fields weaken rapidly with distance and while passing through matter. By placing yourself between the dual mats, you’re ensuring that both sides of your body receive the same strength of magnetic field at the same time. This amplifies the field and equalizes its penetration through the body.

Now, you might be wondering, ‘What if I lie only on one mat?’ Sure, you could do that and double the intensity with the dial on the driver, or even lie on top of both mats. But here’s the thing – you won’t get the same benefit as lying between them. When you lie on just one mat, only one side of your body receives the full strength of the magnetic field. The other side, unfortunately, gets a weaker dose as the field passes through your body.

In a nutshell, using HUGO’s dual mats together ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your PEMF therapy session. You’re not just getting a high-intensity treatment, but a balanced, more effective one as well. It’s this unique approach that sets HUGO apart in the world of PEMF therapy.

What Makes Hugo™ Better Than The Rest?

Compared to other PEMF machines, HUGO™ offers several unique advantages that make it stand out.

Unlike the competition, HUGO™ is the world’s first full-body, high-intensity PEMF therapy device.

While other devices target one specific area at a time, HUGO™’s design allows it to penetrate all parts of your body equally and simultaneously. This is achieved through the use of not one, but two full-body PEMF therapy mats, creating what’s known as the HUGO™ ‘sandwich’ effect.

The significance of this double layer effect can’t be overstated. By placing your body between the two full-body mats, you’re enveloped in an amplified electromagnetic field. This ensures that the beneficial PEMF energy can reach every part of your body, from your head to your toes, without requiring any adjustment or movement on your part.

This innovative approach not only makes HUGO™ more effective, it also saves you time. With other devices, you might spend a few minutes treating one area, then have to move the device and spend a few more minutes treating another area. With HUGO™, your entire body is being treated at the same time, eliminating the need for such adjustments and making your therapy session more efficient.

HUGO PEMF Therapy Solutions

Choosing HUGO™ for your PEMF therapy unlocks a host of solutions tailored to your individual health needs. This advanced therapy system enhances your body’s natural healing abilities, offering immediate and prolonged relief from pain, promoting cellular regeneration, and improving circulation and oxygenation.

The HUGO™ PEMF therapy works by employing pulsed electromagnetic field energy. It recharges cells, enhances nutrient and waste transport across cell membranes, and stimulates your body to repair damaged tissue. It’s a non-contact therapy, meaning you don’t need to worry about electrodes or pads making direct contact with your skin.

Unique to HUGO™ is the use of dual full body mats that deliver high-intensity electromagnetic field pulses. This method is distinct from frequency-specific micro-currents often used in electrotherapy. It enhances cellular metabolism, detoxifies cells, and significantly reduces pain.

But what truly sets HUGO™ apart is how it caters to your unique health needs. Customized therapy solutions are developed based on your individual condition, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment possible. Whether you’re looking to boost energy, reduce pain and inflammation, enhance detoxification, improve nutrient absorption, or increase metabolism, HUGO™ PEMF therapy has a solution for you.

With HUGO™, you’re not just getting a therapy device. You’re gaining access to a comprehensive wellness program that’s committed to helping you achieve your health goals. It’s time to transform your life and experience the power of HUGO™ PEMF therapy.

There are 2 models you can choose from:

Hugo Intense

hugo intense pemf machine

This is more geared toward home use. It is less powerful than the Pro version.
It’s power measured in Gauss is between 5000 and 7500 Gauss. You get 5000 Gauss of power when you’re using the double sandwich mats configuration, and 7500 Gauss when using a focusing Coil applicator.

Although it is less powerful than the PRO version, what is rarely mentioned is that the PRO model is so powerful that almost no one uses it at Max power. Just a fraction of it.

So not only is the Hugo Intense cheaper, it is more than enough for delivering the PEMF needed for most people. We have heard from plenty of people that they wished they had gotten th Intense model instead,
as they only used a fraction of the power of the pro model.

Hugo PRO

hugo pro

If you want the ultimate in PEMF power, look no further than the Pro model.
This PEMF machine delivers an unbelievable 12,000 Gauss when using both the top and bottom mats combined. And 8,000 Gauss when used with a single coil applicator.

If you are looking to make commercial use of a PEMF device the pro model is the one you should get, as it is made to run many more times a day and last longer with heavy use.

Matter of fact it is the one used by Tony Robbins Himself:


In wrapping up, HUGO PEMF appears to offer promising solutions for chronic pain, low energy, and slow-healing wounds. Its unique dual mats and innovative therapy make it a standout in the PEMF world.

However, remember that experiences vary. While these reviews paint a positive picture, it’s crucial to do your own research and consult your healthcare provider.

After all, finding the right therapy is a personal journey. Is HUGO PEMF your solution? Only you can answer that.