Best Equine PEMF Machine

best equine pemf machine

You’d move mountains to keep your horse in top-notch health, wouldn’t you? Well, here’s a simpler solution: equine Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) machines. These devices are the unsung heroes of equine health, contributing to improved performance and well-being.

Curious about the best ones on the market? You’re in the right place. We’ve sifted through countless models, examining their effectiveness, safety, and cost. This guide will introduce you to the best equine PEMF machines out there, helping you make an informed choice for your horse’s health.

After all, your horse deserves only the best. So, let’s get started on this enlightening journey together.

Who Is MagnaWave?

As one of the prominent names in the PEMF industry, MagnaWave boasts a lineup of 11 different PEMF devices that you’ll find on the market. Since its inception in 2005, this family-owned business has built a solid reputation for providing high-intensity PEMF devices. Their products are synonymous with the top-tier of PEMF devices, comparable to the luxury of a fully decked out Mercedes.

MagnaWave’s product lineup caters to both human and veterinary PEMF applications. Yes, even your pets and livestock can reap the benefits of PEMF therapy. This wide range of offerings underscores their commitment to the wellbeing of their customers and their pets.

However, it’s important to note that MagnaWave doesn’t manufacture the products they sell. They’re a distributor, meaning they focus on selling the products rather than producing them. In fact, you might find their products being sold on other distributor websites, sometimes at varying prices. This doesn’t diminish the quality of the products but it’s something to consider when you’re making a purchase.

One of their most popular products is the MagnaWave B2, likely due to it being their least expensive offering. Despite this, it’s not an exclusive product of MagnaWave. Companies like PEMF Systems Inc. and PEMF Solutions manufacture most of MagnaWave’s product lineup.

MagnaWave Features

Often, when you’re looking at MagnaWave’s lineup of PEMF machines, you’ll notice that they all share some common, impressive features. These machines focus entirely on PEMF therapy, delivering high-intensity electromagnetic pulses that enhance cellular function and support body systems. This focus on PEMF therapy without the addition of other therapies like infrared or crystal therapy is a distinct characteristic of MagnaWave machines.

MagnaWave machines are known for their high power. Some models can reach Gauss levels as high as 10,000, a feature that makes them more suitable for clinical settings. Despite this, the B2 MagnaWave model, with its compact design and lower intensity, can be a good fit for home use.

Price is another notable feature of MagnaWave machines. They’re among the most expensive on the market, reflecting their high power and clinical-grade capabilities. It’s an investment, but for many, the potential benefits to their equine companions are worth the cost.

MagnaWave machines offer frequency settings between 0.5 and 100 Hz, with 8 programs for versatility in therapy sessions. They employ both square and saw tooth waveforms, allowing for a variety of treatments. However, it’s important to note that the FDA is still reviewing the efficacy of these machines.

MagnaWave Specifications

As we move forward, let’s focus on the specifications of the MagnaWave, a leading equine PEMF machine.

You’ll want to understand the frequency, waveform, and intensity of this device, as these are crucial elements that can significantly impact the therapeutic results.


Your MagnaWave machine’s frequency settings range between 0.5 and 100 Hz, with 8 pre-programmed options to choose from. These settings aren’t manually adjustable, meaning you can’t set the frequency along with other parameters to create a completely personalized PEMF session.

Instead, you select from the pre-set programs, each linking a series of settings for convenience. While this may seem sufficient initially, you may find it limiting as you become more accustomed to your machine and desire more control over your sessions.

As you grow more familiar with your needs and preferences, the inability to fully customize settings could become a challenge. It’s important to consider this factor when choosing the best equine PEMF machine for your needs.


While you’re considering which PEMF machine is right for your equine needs, it’s crucial to understand that the MagnaWave PEMF device uses both square and saw tooth waveforms simultaneously. This unique combination is described as ‘ringing out.’ Let’s break it down:

  1. Square Waveforms: These are the primary waveforms used. They’ve been extensively studied and are proven effective in PEMF therapy.
  2. Saw Tooth Waveforms: These kick in as the session tapers off, complementing the square waveforms.
  3. Waveform Impact: The simultaneous use of these waveforms enhances the effectiveness of the therapy.
  4. Waveform Research: Both waveforms are backed by substantial research, underlining the reliability of MagnaWave’s technology.


Now that we’ve covered the unique waveform combination used by MagnaWave, let’s delve into the intensity specifications of their PEMF machines. Unlike many other devices, MagnaWave’s intensity isn’t manually adjustable. Instead, intensity levels correlate with pre-set programs on the machine.

Identifying the precise intensity levels for each program can be challenging, as most MagnaWave documentation simply states that the average intensity level is 500 Gauss, while the maximum intensity reaches up to 10,000 Gauss. At this top level, you can physically feel the PEMF therapy’s impact through a series of ‘thuds’ in your body.

However, the most affordable MagnaWave home model caps at around 500 Gauss, providing a less intense but still effective treatment.

MagnaWave Pricing

In considering a MagnaWave machine for equine PEMF therapy, you’ll find that it’s one of the pricier options on the market. MagnaWave offers a range of models, each with varying intensities, and the price reflects this. The lowest model starts at over $3,000, while high-end models can reach almost $25,000. While this might seem steep, it’s crucial to remember the potential benefits of equine PEMF therapy and the value it could bring to your horse’s health and performance.

Here’s a brief breakdown of MagnaWave’s pricing structure:

  1. Low-end models: These machines start at over $3,000. They offer basic PEMF therapy with lower intensity levels, making them suitable for regular maintenance and prevention.
  2. Mid-range models: These machines are priced in the mid-thousands. They offer a balance between cost and performance, providing more intensity options for more targeted therapy.
  3. High-end models: These machines can cost up to $25,000. They offer the highest intensity levels for more serious or persistent health conditions.
  4. Secondhand options: You can find MagnaWave machines at lower prices through secondhand retailers or local buy/sell sites. However, ensure the machine is in good condition and the warranty is still valid.

MagnaWave Design

You’ll notice that the design of MagnaWave machines is quite unique, with some models not including a mat at all, or coming equipped with a small mat that isn’t intended for full-body use. This differentiates MagnaWave from many competitors who typically offer full-body mats for PEMF therapy. However, don’t let this dissuade you; the effectiveness of a PEMF machine isn’t solely dependent on mat size.

The MagnaWave B2 model, for example, uses a small, rectangular mat and a wand or paddle. Despite its compact size, the mat is designed to deliver effective PEMF therapy. It’s a testament to the fact that MagnaWave focuses more on intensity and less on coverage.

It’s important to remember that while full-body mats are great for a full-body experience, they aren’t always necessary. Sometimes, targeting a specific area of the body is more beneficial. That’s where the MagnaWave design shines. The smaller mat allows for more targeted therapy, while the wand or paddle can be used for even more precise application.

Additionally, the unique design of MagnaWave machines makes them highly portable. They’re easy to carry around, which is a significant advantage, especially for equine use. With MagnaWave, you can easily bring the healing power of PEMF therapy to your horse, wherever they may be.

MagnaWave Warranties and Guarantees

Why should you consider the warranties and guarantees offered by MagnaWave when looking for the best equine PEMF machine? The answer lies in the peace of mind and security they provide.

Warranties and guarantees are crucial when investing in expensive equipment like PEMF machines, as they safeguard you against unforeseen defects and issues.

MagnaWave offers two-tier warranties for their products:

  1. Lower-level Tier: This applies to their less expensive machines. It offers a 3-year warranty, promising to replace any machine with a manufacturer’s defect with a new or refurbished one. However, remember that incidents caused by user error or accidents aren’t covered under this warranty.
  2. Higher-level Tier: This is for their more premium machines. It allows you to extend the warranty for an additional 7 years for a deductible of $700 within that period. This is an excellent coverage for those who use these high-intensity machines professionally or in clinical practices.

In addition to warranties, MagnaWave also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it ‘like new’ within 30 days from the date of receipt, after paying a restocking fee and return shipping charges.

These guarantees and warranties are a testament to MagnaWave’s confidence in their products and their commitment to customer satisfaction. So, when you’re investing in a MagnaWave machine, you’re not just buying a product, but also securing a service promise that backs your purchase.

MagnaWave Certification

MagnaWave’s certification program is something you’ll want to consider when choosing the best equine PEMF machine. This program is a mark of their commitment to ensuring the safe and effective application of their PEMF technology.

It’s important to note, however, that MagnaWave’s products bear the ‘CE’ marking. While this signifies the device’s conformity to the European Union’s safety practices, it doesn’t necessarily indicate its efficacy in delivering PEMF therapy.

It’s worth stressing that the CE marking isn’t tested or verified, meaning any company could potentially use the mark without submitting their product for testing. So, while the CE mark attests to safety, it doesn’t prove the device’s effectiveness at delivering PEMF therapy.

Currently, MagnaWave’s products are under FDA review for approval but don’t have FDA approval for use as a therapy device. Moreover, MagnaWave’s products haven’t been submitted for FDA registration, a crucial step for certifying products as safe for sale in the United States. This lack of registration or approval could be problematic.

In conclusion, while MagnaWave’s certification program may be appealing, it’s essential to understand what their certifications mean and what they don’t. The CE marking and the lack of FDA approval or registration serve as important considerations when choosing your equine PEMF machine.

As you weigh your options, always prioritize the safety and efficacy of the machine to ensure it delivers the best possible benefits for your equine companions.


So, you’re now ready to take the leap and invest in a PEMF machine for your equine friend. With MagnaWave, you’re not just buying a device, but investing in your horse’s overall health and performance.

It’s a cost-effective, safe, and certified solution that offers unparalleled benefits.

Remember, your horse deserves the best – and with MagnaWave, that’s exactly what you’re giving them.

Choose MagnaWave today and experience the difference in your horse’s vitality and endurance.