Reviews on Bemer

reviews on bemer

You’re considering BEMER for your wellness needs. It’s important to know what others are saying, right? Well, you’re in the right place.

This article dives into real BEMER reviews, the good and the bad. You’ll explore user experiences and company responses.

By the end, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of BEMER. So, let’s dive in and discover BEMER through the eyes of its users.

Review Submission Process

Frequently, when you’re submitting a review on Bemer, you’ll need to follow some straightforward steps to ensure your feedback is accurately received and verified.

First, you’ll be asked to leave a review with a star rating, which quantifies your overall experience. Your review should be a minimum of 10 words and a maximum of 2000 characters to provide a detailed yet concise account of your experience.

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Understanding and following these steps ensures the integrity of the review system, providing a reliable platform for users to share their experiences with Bemer and its products.

Detailed Customer Reviews

You’ll find numerous customer reviews on Bemer, providing a wide range of experiences and perspectives. These reviews give you a comprehensive understanding of how different customers have interacted with the product and the company.

Christina D gave a 1-star rating, citing issues with purchasing the wrong product at an incorrect price and poor customer service. In response, Bemer Group processed a refund for the price difference, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Rachel G also gave a 1-star rating based on customer service issues she noticed from other reviews, which influenced her decision not to purchase. In response, Bemer Group reassured Rachel that most of their customers are highly satisfied, acknowledging occasional complaints but stressing their commitment to addressing concerns.

Shanti M gave a 1-star rating due to delayed shipping and a lack of return information. She disagreed with the restocking fee and warned others about doing business with the company. Bemer Group responded by explaining their return policy and the reason for the restocking fee.

On the positive side, Adrian L and Hope S both gave Bemer a 5-star rating, citing improved feelings and relief from aching joints. Bemer Group responded positively to both reviews, expressing gratitude for their feedback.

However, Darla T and Anne N had negative experiences, with Darla’s device stopping working within six months and Anne calling the company ‘expensive quackery.’ Bemer Group addressed both issues, offering solutions and providing information about the company’s history, products, and certifications.

Positive User Experiences

Continuing your exploration of Bemer reviews, let’s delve into the positive user experiences that have been shared. Bemer users have reported significant health benefits, including increased energy, reduced joint pain, and improved sleep quality.

For instance, Adrian L and Hope S, both gave Bemer a 5-star rating. Adrian loved how the device made him feel, while Hope noticed an increase in energy and relief from aching joints.

Sports professionals have also reported positive experiences with Bemer. Tyson McGuffin, a professional athlete, claimed that using Bemer made a huge difference in his overall recovery, while Lesley Paterson, another athlete, referred to Bemer as a critical tool in her recovery protocol.

In the medical field, professionals like Jonathan Lazar, D.C., and Elizabeth Pearl, MPT, have integrated Bemer into their clinical practice. Lazar found that Bemer helped provide a higher level of care and better results for his patients. Pearl found that integrating Bemer into daily routine was a game-changer for her clinical practice, as it allowed the aging body to feel and function better.

However, it’s important to note that these testimonials may not reflect the average person’s experience, and some spokespeople may have been compensated for their testimonies. Furthermore, Bemer’s Independent Distributors (IBDs) may be eligible to earn commissions based on sales. While the positive user experiences are promising, it’s essential to consider these factors when assessing Bemer reviews.

Issues With Device and Service

While you may have read about the positive experiences users have had with Bemer, it’s also important to consider the problems some customers have reported, particularly related to device issues and customer service.

For example, Darla T. gave Bemer a 1-star rating because her device stopped working within six months and she’d difficulties getting it replaced or repaired. Similarly, Kathy H. rated Bemer 2-stars as her Bemer mat stopped working and she found it hard to find someone to fix it. In both cases, the company responded by providing assurances and contact information for further help, showing a degree of responsiveness to customer complaints.

Customer service issues have also been a source of discontent. For instance, Rachel G. decided not to purchase a Bemer product based on negative reviews about customer service experiences. Anne N. also gave Bemer a 1-star rating, describing it as ‘expensive quackery’ and criticizing the company’s multilevel marketing (MLM) structure.

Moreover, some customers have reported potential adverse effects. Ron S. claimed the device caused severe headaches, although there’s no conclusive proof to link these directly to Bemer. The company responded by stating they’d no record of his complaint and offered to investigate further if more information was provided.

These reviews highlight the importance of considering both the potential benefits and drawbacks of Bemer before making a purchase. It’s crucial to do your own research and weigh up all the available information to make an informed decision.

Difficulties and Adverse Effects

In addition to device and service issues, you might also encounter difficulties with repair assistance and potential adverse effects when using Bemer. For instance, if your Bemer device malfunctions, finding someone to fix it could be a challenge. Kathy H, one of the Bemer users, gave it a 2-star rating, stating she couldn’t find help to fix her non-working Bemer mat. Although Bemer products come with a three-year warranty, Kathy’s product was outside the warranty period, complicating the process.

Moreover, some users have reported adverse effects. Ron S, another user, gave Bemer a 1-star rating, claiming the machine caused him severe headaches and disability. Bemer Group, in response, stated they found no record of such a complaint. They even proactively reached out for more information, but Ron S didn’t respond.

However, it’s also important to note that these are individual cases and may not reflect the experience of every user. Bemer, as a company, shows willingness to help customers with difficulties and investigate any reported adverse effects. This doesn’t guarantee an issue-free experience, but it does indicate that the company takes user feedback seriously and tries to address reported problems.

Medical Professionals’ Testimonials

You’ll also find testimonials from medical professionals who’ve integrated BEMER into their practices and observed its effects on their patients. These testimonials give valuable insights into the practical application of BEMER therapy and its potential benefits.

  1. Dr. Jonathan Lazar – A chiropractor who’s used BEMER to provide a higher level of care to his patients. He noted that the results have been impressive, with patients experiencing significant turnarounds when combining care with in-home BEMER support.
  2. Elizabeth Pearl, MPT – A physical therapist who reports that integrating BEMER into her daily routine has been a game changer for her practice. She found that BEMER allows individuals to access self-care at home, supporting peak performance and enhancing the well-being of her patients.
  3. Dr. Judson S. Millhon – This medical doctor states that the patented BEMER signal helps increase local blood flow, aiding in the delivery of oxygen to cells and removal of carbon dioxide. He believes BEMER is key to maintaining healthy organs in the body.
  4. Dr. Kevin Shaw, ND, EAMP – Dr. Shaw has found BEMER therapy beneficial for energy and exercise recovery. The restorative rest provided by BEMER has enabled him to run a busy clinic and help others effectively.

Bear in mind, these are individual experiences and results may vary. It’s important to conduct your own research, consult with medical professionals and consider your personal health needs before making a decision. BEMER is a tool that’s found its place in many medical practices due to its reported benefits.

Personal User Testimonials

Beyond the medical professionals, ordinary users of BEMER have also shared their personal experiences, highlighting how the device has impacted their daily lives. Lee Hoffman, for instance, reported feeling less stressed and more relaxed, attributing these changes to regular BEMER use. Similarly, Tim and Jan Wilson experienced increased energy and reduced discomfort in their daily routines, thanks to BEMER.

Athletes, too, have praised the device’s recovery benefits. Tyson McGuffin, a professional athlete, affirmed that BEMER made a significant difference in his overall recovery, leading to improved local blood flow and better rest. Lesley Paterson, another athlete, described BEMER as a critical tool in her recovery protocol, citing it as instrumental in repairing muscle damage from training.

There are, however, also users who’d less positive experiences. Darla T, for example, gave a 1-star rating due to a malfunctioning device and difficulties in getting it replaced. Anne N criticized BEMER as expensive quackery, expressing concern about the company’s MLM operation. And Ron S claimed the device caused him severe headaches, although there’s no conclusive proof that BEMER was responsible for his symptoms.

BEMER Group has responded to these criticisms. They apologized to Darla and assured her that the issue was being resolved. They provided Anne with information about their history, products, and certifications. And they expressed willingness to investigate Ron’s claim further.


With a mix of positive and negative insights, these BEMER reviews offer a balanced view on the product. While many have found relief and satisfaction, some users faced issues and adverse effects.

BEMER’s responses to these experiences show their commitment to customer service.

Remember, your wellness decisions should always be based on a thorough analysis of all available information.

Hopefully, these reviews will help you make the best choice for your health and wellness journey.