Higher Dose Pemf Mat Reviews

higher dose pemf mat reviews

You’re curious about the HigherDose PEMF Mat, aren’t you? You’ve heard the buzz and now you’re ready to dive into the details. Is this wellness tool worth the hype? Let’s dig into its features, benefits, and possible downsides.

We’ll also explore user testimonials and scrutinize scientific studies. Whether you’re an athlete or a wellness warrior, this review will shed light on whether the HigherDose PEMF Mat is the right choice for your wellness journey.

What is HigherDose?

HigherDose is a wellness brand you might already know for its standout products, especially its highly acclaimed Pemf Mat. The brand’s foundation is built on the belief in infrared therapy as an ultimate way to detox, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and support muscle recovery. Through the application of this innovative technology, HigherDose aims to elevate your wellness game by providing an at-home infrared-PEMF device that offers home sauna benefits without the intense sweat.

The brand’s most talked-about products include the Infrared Sauna Blanket and the PEMF mat. These products have garnered attention from high-profile individuals like New York Times bestselling author Gabby Bernstein and lifestyle blogger Lauren Bosstik, who’ve incorporated them into their daily routines.

HigherDose’s PEMF mat is a fusion of two powerful healing technologies—infrared heat and PEMF. This concoction of technologies is designed to recharge your mind and body, provide a full-body reset, and improve overall wellness. The mat utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to recharge cells and mimic the natural healing frequencies of the Earth. Additionally, it incorporates infrared technology, which promotes faster recovery, pain relief, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

But like any wellness product, it’s essential to do your due diligence before purchasing. While the brand’s offerings are impressive, you must consider factors such as space, budget, and intended use before deciding if the HigherDose PEMF Mat is the right fit for your wellness journey.

What Does the HigherDose PEMF Mat Do?

You might be wondering exactly what the HigherDose PEMF Mat does to improve your overall wellness. This mat employs Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and infrared heat to aid your body’s self-rejuvenation capabilities. PEMF technology, by mimicking the Earth’s natural frequencies, recharges cells, relieves stress, and bolsters the body’s healing process. Infrared heat, on the other hand, promotes full body detox, alleviates pain and fatigue, reduces inflammation, and flushes out toxins.

But it’s not just these two therapies that make this mat a potent wellness tool. It also incorporates a crystal layer and a layer of charcoal, clay, and magnetic strip. The crystal layer has its own therapeutic benefits, and the charcoal, clay, and magnetic strip layer offer additional therapeutic effects.

Together, these four layers turn the HigherDose PEMF Mat into an all-in-one relaxation, recovery, and wellness tool. Whether you’re dealing with stress, body pain, inflammation, or just need a detox, this mat is designed to address these issues.

Using the mat is simple. You control the PEMF and heat levels with a handheld controller, allowing you to customize your therapy sessions. And despite its multiple therapy features, it’s designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to store, making it perfect for home use.

HigherDose PEMF Mat Features

Let’s consider the unique features of the HigherDose PEMF Mat.

You’ll find this mat offers PEMF Therapy, Far-Infrared Therapy, and Crystal Therapy, all designed to enhance your wellness experience.

Its multi-layered design and non-toxic materials further set it apart, allowing for a safer and more effective therapeutic session.

PEMF Therapy

Diving into the features of the HigherDose PEMF mat, it’s clear that the customizable frequency options play a crucial role in providing targeted healing and wellness benefits.

The mat comes with two PEMF cores and offers four frequency settings—3Hz, 7.8Hz, 10Hz, and 23Hz. Each frequency level has its unique healing properties.

The lower frequencies are more relaxing and can help you achieve restful sleep, while the higher frequencies are stimulating and can give you an instant energy boost.

Far-Infrared Therapy

In addition to the customizable PEMF frequencies, the HigherDose PEMF mat also utilizes far-infrared therapy, giving you an added layer of therapeutic benefits. This type of heat therapy penetrates deeply into your body, enhancing relaxation and aiding in the removal of toxins.

The far-infrared heater embedded in the mat offers a temperature range from 96°F (36°C) to 158°F (70°C). This allows you to:

  • Customize your therapy session according to your comfort
  • Benefit from a deeply penetrating heat
  • Enjoy a detoxifying sweat at higher temperatures
  • Experience soothing warmth at lower temperatures.

In essence, the HigherDose PEMF mat’s far-infrared therapy feature not only complements the PEMF therapy but also provides its own unique set of benefits.

Crystal Therapy

On top of the PEMF and far-infrared therapies, you’ll also benefit from the crystal therapy feature of the HigherDose PEMF mat. This mat incorporates a layer of crushed purple Amethyst and black Tourmaline. These crystals not only enhance the mat’s aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its therapeutic properties.

Amethyst and Tourmaline are known for their high negative ion output, which can potentially boost mood and alleviate stress. Furthermore, these crystals emit balancing electrical waves, synergizing with the PEMF and infrared therapies to optimize your healing experience.

This feature underscores the mat’s commitment to holistic wellness, integrating the ancient art of crystal therapy with modern technology. With the HigherDose PEMF mat, you’re not just getting physical relief but also a balanced mind-body experience.

Multi-Layered Design

As we look at the HigherDose PEMF Mat, you can’t ignore its unique multi-layered design.

This includes a charcoal layer, a clay layer, and a magnetic layer, each imparting its own benefits.

Let’s explore these layers and how they elevate the effectiveness of the mat.

Charcoal layer

You’ll find that the HigherDose PEMF Mat includes a charcoal layer in its design, a feature that efficiently helps flush out toxins from your body during heat therapy.

This layer:

  • Enhances the detoxification process
  • Is a natural treatment
  • Works to trap and eliminate chemicals in your body
  • Complements the mat’s other therapeutic features for a holistic approach to wellness.

Clay layer

In the multi-layered design of the HigherDose PEMF Mat, the clay layer plays a vital role in your therapeutic experience. Carrying a strong negative charge, it emits beneficial negative ions that have a calming and purifying effect.

Moreover, this clay layer contributes to heat balance, ensuring it spreads out evenly across the mat and into your body, enhancing the overall effectiveness.

Magnetic layer

Next up in the multi-layered design of the HigherDose PEMF Mat is the magnetic layer. This layer is made from medical-grade magnetic strips that are believed to boost your blood flow and circulation.

The magnetic layer can enhance your cardiovascular health and contribute to the overall therapeutic effect of the mat.

It is designed from medical-grade materials, ensuring quality and safety.

The magnets are strategically placed for optimal benefits, targeting specific areas of the body for maximum effectiveness.

Non-Toxic Materials

While you’re enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the HigherDose PEMF Mat, it’s also important to note that it’s made of non-toxic polyurethane leather, a material that’s not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

This material has passed all non-VOC standards, ensuring it’s safe for both you and the environment. The durability of the polyurethane leather adds to the mat’s overall longevity, making it a smart investment for your health and wellbeing.

Plus, this material possesses essential characteristics for a heating mat – it’s waterproof, fireproof, and melt-proof. So, as you unwind on your HigherDose PEMF Mat, you can rest assured knowing you’re utilizing a product designed with safety, sustainability, and durability in mind.


Continuing your exploration of the HigherDose PEMF Mat features, you’ll appreciate its low EMF emissions. This mat can produce substantial heat, but emits a minimal EMF level of around 0.2 to 0.8 milligauss, significantly below the global safety standard of 2 milligauss.

This essential detail makes the HigherDose PEMF Mat stand out due to the following factors:

  • Ensures user safety by maintaining EMF emissions well below the globally accepted limit.
  • Provides peace of mind, especially when the mat is used close to the body.
  • Complies with the low-to-zero EMF claim common among infrared heating pads.
  • Reinforces HigherDose’s commitment to delivering a product that isn’t only effective but also safe for regular use.

This feature is a testament to the mat’s well-thought-out design and HigherDose’s dedication to user safety.

Easy to Use

Appreciating the low EMF emissions, you’ll also find the HigherDose PEMF Mat incredibly straightforward and convenient to use. There’s no complicated assembly or setup needed. Simply roll it out, plug it in, and it’s ready to go.

Operating the mat is a breeze as well. It comes with a small handheld controller, allowing you to select and set desired levels of PEMF and infrared heat separately. This feature provides you with full control over your therapeutic sessions, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

After each use, maintenance is just as easy. A quick wipe down is all it takes to keep the mat clean.

This focus on ease and simplicity greatly enhances the overall user experience.


In terms of portability, you’ll find that the HigherDose PEMF Mat is designed with convenience in mind. The Go mat, a smaller version of the full-sized mat, is perfect for people who are constantly on the go.

  • This mat is lightweight, making it easy to transport.
  • It can be rolled up quickly, saving you time during packing.
  • The compact design allows it to fit in most storage spaces.
  • You can take it on the road with you, ensuring your therapeutic needs are met, wherever you are.

Despite the reduction in size, the Go mat maintains the beneficial features of the full-sized model. So, you won’t compromise on your therapy, even while enjoying the convenience of portability.

How to Use the HigherDose PEMF Mat?

Using the HigherDose PEMF Mat is a simple process.

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the handheld controller, which lets you adjust the PEMF and heat settings to your preference.

Understanding how to use both the PEMF and far-infrared therapies effectively is crucial to maximizing the benefits of this mat.

Using PEMF Therapy

Using the HigherDose PEMF mat begins with understanding the four levels of PEMF settings: 3Hz, 7.8Hz, 10Hz, and 23Hz. Each frequency has a unique purpose and effect, coordinating with your body’s needs.

It’s crucial to adjust the settings using the handheld controller according to your therapy goals for optimal results.

Level 1 (3Hz)

Often, you’ll start your therapy session with the HigherDose PEMF Mat on Level 1 (3Hz), which is designed to help you relax and reduce anxiety.

  • Lay on the mat and start the session using the handheld controller.
  • Adjust the PEMF frequency to Level 1 (3Hz).
  • Relax and let the mat work its magic for 20 minutes.

Repeat daily or as needed to manage anxiety and promote relaxation.

Level 2 (7.8Hz)

Once you’re comfortable with Level 1, you can move up to Level 2 (7.8Hz) on the HigherDose PEMF Mat for a deeper relaxation experience.

This level targets theta brain waves and the Schumann Resonance, beneficial for stress relief, focus, and creativity.

If you’re feeling disconnected or overstimulated, Level 2 can help restore balance, making it a valuable tool in your wellness routine.

Level 3 (10Hz)

When you’re ready to take your relaxation to the next level, you can switch your HigherDose PEMF Mat to Level 3 (10Hz). This level is designed to target your alpha brain waves and ease the physical effects of stress.

  • Switch the mat to Level 3 (10Hz)
  • Focus on achieving a state of wakeful relaxation
  • Use this level during meditation for increased open-mindedness
  • Regular use can help soothe physical stress effects.

Level 4 (23Hz)

In the midst of a draining day, you can switch your HigherDose PEMF Mat to Level 4 (23Hz) for a quick energy boost and improved mental function.

This beta brain wave frequency is stimulating, enhancing your concentration and memory.

It’s an effective tool to combat sluggishness or a mid-day slump, aiding in overall mental function and providing an instant energy lift.

Using Far-Infrared Therapy

To make the most out of your HigherDose PEMF Mat, you’ll need to understand how to properly use its far-infrared therapy feature. The mat has seven temperature settings, and it’s recommended to start at the lower levels if you’re a beginner or sensitive to heat.

  • Level 1: 96°F (36°C)
  • Level 2: 106°F (41°C)
  • Level 3: 117°F (47°C)
  • Level 4: 127°F (53°C)
  • Level 5: 138°F (59°C)
  • Level 6: 147°F (64°C)
  • Level 7: 158°F (70°C)

You can gradually increase the heat as you get comfortable. Note that it can take up to an hour for the mat to reach the highest temperature.


You might be wondering, what’re the benefits of the HigherDose PEMF Mat?

Well, users often report deep relaxation, inside-out recovery, increased energy, and detoxification.

In the following discussion, we’ll analyze these benefits in detail, providing a comprehensive view of what you could potentially gain from this unique device.

Deep Relaxation

Experiencing deep relaxation becomes a daily luxury with your regular use of the HigherDose PEMF mat. This mat cleverly combines PEMF with infrared therapy, delivering a calming effect that helps to slow down your nervous system, reducing blood pressure and heart rate.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • The gentle pulses, similar to Earth’s frequency, put your body in a parasympathetic state, promoting relaxation.
  • The heat from infrared therapy further enhances this calming effect.
  • Together, these therapies foster deep relaxation for both mind and body.
  • Improved sleep quality is another significant benefit you can expect.

Inside-Out Recovery

With regular use of the HigherDose PEMF mat, not only can you achieve deep relaxation, but also you’ll notice significant benefits in your body’s ability to recover from the inside out.

This mat combines infrared and PEMF therapies to support cellular regeneration, activating your body’s natural healing response. It’s like a cellular workout, penetrating deep into your body to stimulate repair and growth of new cells and tissues.

The far infrared specifically targets pain and inflammation, hastening muscle recovery. So, if you’re experiencing stiffness after an intense workout, this mat can provide targeted relief.

Increased Energy

After regular use of the HigherDose PEMF mat, over time, you’ll likely notice an increase in your energy levels, thanks to the mat’s combined PEMF and infrared therapies. The mat’s higher frequency PEMF settings can help stimulate sluggish cells, providing a much-needed energy boost.

Simultaneously, the mat’s far-infrared therapy works to enhance your circulation and oxygenation, ensuring optimal function of tissues and organs. This joint action fundamentally helps restore your energy.

Here are some key points:

  • PEMF therapy recharges your cells, enhancing overall energy
  • Far-infrared therapy improves blood circulation
  • Optimal tissue and organ function leads to increased energy
  • Regular use of the mat can lead to sustained energy levels

The mat’s dual therapy system provides a comprehensive approach to boosting your energy.


Your body’s natural detoxification process gets a significant boost when you use the HigherDose PEMF mat regularly. The mat’s far-infrared heat deeply penetrates your body, aiding in lymphatic cleansing. This process doesn’t make you sweat out toxins like a traditional sauna, but it does enhance your body’s ability to detoxify itself.

PEMF technology further supports this detox process by stimulating cellular activity. By increasing cell oxygenation, the mat allows your body’s cells to regenerate more quickly and detoxify themselves.

This dual-action detoxification process can make a significant difference in your overall wellness. Regular use of the HigherDose PEMF mat can help you maintain a more efficient, effective detox process, contributing to your overall health and well-being.

Who Should Use the HigherDose PEMF Mat?

In terms of using the HigherDose PEMF mat, it’s worth noting that it’s not only suitable for athletes or those experiencing chronic pain, but also for anyone seeking improved relaxation, stress reduction, and better sleep. This versatile mat offers potential relief for tired muscles, joint pain, and even chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Here’s a more detailed look at who could benefit from this mat:

  • People with exercise-induced muscle aches and pains: The mat’s PEMF technology and infrared heat can help soothe tired muscles and alleviate exercise-induced discomfort.
  • Individuals living with chronic pain: The mat has shown promise in reducing stiffness and improving physical ability in people with conditions like osteoarthritis.
  • Those suffering from lower back pain: If you’re dealing with persistent lower back pain, the mat’s heat and PEMF therapy might provide much-needed relief.
  • Insomnia sufferers: The mat’s ability to promote deep relaxation can potentially improve sleep quality, making it a good choice for those struggling with sleep issues.

That said, while the HigherDose PEMF mat is generally suitable for most people, it’s not for everyone. If you have an open wound, underlying health conditions, or are pregnant, you should steer clear of this mat due to potential complications. Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new therapy.


In conclusion, the HigherDose PEMF Mat seems like a promising wellness tool, with its innovative features and benefits. However, its high price point and lack of long-term studies may give some pause.

It’s crucial to assess your individual needs, health goals, and budget before investing. As always, remember to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness regimen.

Ultimately, the decision lies in whether you find its potential benefits worth the investment.